Here at Gravel and Iron we welcome people who love to lift, outdoor enthusiasts looking to improve in their sport, busy moms and dads, college athletes, ex-college athletes, and people with virtually no athletic background until the day they walk through our doors.

People of all ages, sizes, types, and abilities — brought together through a shared interest in having fun on the quest to become stronger, fitter, happier, and more effective members of the community.

We offer thoughtfully programmed crossfit style classes, personally tailored powerlifting classes that incorporate weightlifting and strongman elements, and Foundation Training classes. We also like lots of other cool stuff, like trail running, frisbee golf, mountain/road biking, mud runs, kimchi making, and of course meeting up for a beer at Iron Fist one door down from the gym.

Our goal is to help people move well, stay safe, and get strong and fast- so you can enjoy yourself inside the gym, and outside the gym.